Viva Brasil STL was founded by Brazilian mothers married to Americans with the intent of sharing the Brazilian Culture and the Portuguese Language with their American-Brazilian children. Initially they thought that their children and husbands were not learning the Portuguese language, consequently not being able to communicate fluently with their family in Brazil.  Increasing their communication skills would be the base to keep family ties and assimilating the Brazilian culture. With that in mind, the Viva Português project was created to keep the Portuguese as a Heritage Language and to maintain the cultural roots. Adding to those values, today Viva Brasil STL organization believes that even those young people who have not any relation with Brazilian culture or with Portuguese as a Heritage Language, being able to speak more than one language will benefit them later in life; when a entire new market will open because they will able to speak a second language.

St. Louis has several companies that have offices in Brazil, and being able to speak Portuguese and understanding the culture will give them an advantage to acquire those international positions. Also, young adult being exposed a different culture will help them to develop a more diversity concept of community and a sense of culture awareness.